Little Wonder @ Just So Festival

Whatever the event, we have a cracking selection of shows and roving performances to suit that will leave audiences of all ages astounded and asking for more. We have performed at hundreds of festivals across the UK to rave reviews.

“A one-woman Laurel and Hardy”

– Audience Member, Step Ball Change


Watch the trailer here!

A new circus-sit-com  set in Pub Show Confettia failing old fashioned boozer, our PUB landlord and landlady have a big decision to make. Go hipster or go hungry.PUB is a farcical look at how gentrification hits its communities hard, and the choice we have between clinging on to the past or chasing the zeitgeist. Featuring acrobatics, juggling, the odd pint of Guinness and a fiery finale.

Step Ball Change

Watch the trailer here!

A classic street show from a female perspective and inspired by the lack of solo street shows by women, Step Ball Change is a show which explores ideas around how women interact with society and how they are viewed from the outside. Featuring classic vaudeville, musical saw, song, comedy and our signature discipline walking globe, it’s a little show with big impact.



Watch the trailer here!

Molly Orange Bobbins Walkabout 2

The Borrowers are on the loose! Follow them as they walk, run, jumps over and perform acrobatics on their giant bobbin.

A 30 minute walkabout performance that’s interactive and daring, perfect for any outdoor festival. Can even be performed in the rain.

Little Wonder

Watch the trailer here!

Little WonderThe Borrowers are at the circus! Little Wonder takes us back to when we were young and the simplest object had a thousand uses.Acrobalance and physical theatre combine on a journey from the everyday into the wonderful, creating a world, where, as in Alice in Wonderland, familiar and small things have a habit of suddenly transforming in scale.

Brace your Elves!

Molly Orange Elves

Santa’s little helpers are on the loose with their giant bobbin! They’ve been working hard all year and now these cheeky elves are out to say hello. A 30 minute walkabout full of character and comedy acrobatics.





– This is Cabaret Magazine



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