Words and Balance

ballOn Friday I performed a new collaboration at Bites:Remix curated by Upswing at the Albany. I was paired with Albany associate artist Fergus Evans, an experimental theatre maker and fellow Manchester expat.

We had only 3 days to create the piece. We looked at ways to combine walking globe and text in a way that allowed the physical instability to support the emotional vulnerability of my story. I found it fulfilling to experiment with writing, something I have wanted to try for a long time. It took me back to when I was little, getting an old typewriter for Christmas.

Working with Fergus was a DREAM. I felt safe in his dramaturgical arms, that his opinion was honest and fair, that he would push me but know when to stop. All this is vital when exploring your own past in a public forum.

As a street performer this was completely opposite to the type of work I create and perform. Bites: Remix gave me the opportunity to try something completely new and trusted in my practice as an artist. I usually delve into realms of the surreal and absurd, and my work is a chance for me to escape. In this piece I wanted to stare into the headlights of my past. We all have things we carry with us, and in that we are not alone.

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