A busy start to 2014

It’s all kicking off in 2014.

Next week I have the pleasure and privilege of training with aerial company Upswing for 2 weeks on their ‘Step up’ programme. Aerial will be a new venture for me as I have previously only stayed on the ground/on a ball/ in Owen’s capable hands before now.

From February 3rd- 7th I will be doing some R&D on the new show Step, Ball, Change with the delightful Holly France. We have already been scheming about tap shoes and Charleston moves and are vey excited to get going. Below is one of the images I’ve been looking at for inspiration!

I am also looking forward to going to For The Love of It , a Street Arts networking and skill sharing event from 21st-23rd February in Stoke-on-Trent, where we will also be having the AGM for the National Association of Street Artists. Sign up if you’re not already a member!

Antoinette Concello, trapeze artist, poses for publicity photo.  By William Woodcock.

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