Week One- Reaching new heights!


Here we are after our first few days rehearsal finding new ways to use our lovely oversized props. We’ve tumbled, climbed and played our way round the set finding new ways to explore. Working with our new director, Alice Robinson is a delight so far and filling us with inspiration and confidence. Her expertise in clowning and movement is breathing new life to the show. We have also had Kaveh Rahnama from So & So Circus Theatre looking at acrobatics and circus direction to hone our skills technically as well as playfully. Costumes are being made as we speak and our elves have been commissioned to make a new button with a diameter of 1 metre 20. And finally a big shout out to the Circus House Manchester for housing our process. It’s a great new space so if you are local, pop down. Very excited for the coming weeks with our creative team.

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