Pastures New

It’s been a while so here’s an update of what’s coming up.

We have been selected to pitch for PANDA’s Rural Touring Mentoring Scheme in Kendal to develop Little Wonder into a travelling fete. Orange HQ is currently covered it bits of tissue paper from all the miniature bunting being made.

panda logo

We have just established a new relationship with Z-Arts- Manchester’s Primary Venue for Children and Families. We will now be training there twice a week as well as a more intensive development period in June for Little Wonder, ready for the summer season.  You can expect a pilot of our indoor rural touring show there in the coming Autumn!


April is fast approaching and we are looking forward to our upcoming week of R+D on a new idea, How to Train a Wife with Adrian Porter at Circus Space in London from the 15th- 19th.




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