Music Meeting

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr Lindsay Aitkenhead, ethnomusicologist and string player extraordinaire, to talk about the klezmer based score to Little Wonder she will be creating. We listened to lots of music, drew graphs of the dramatic tension and talked about the moods within the show before plotting out a plan of attack. It’s the first time I’ve commissioned something of this nature and it was really exciting thinking about the possibilities of music and also helped me clarify how I imagine the structure of the show to be.

2 thoughts on “Music Meeting”

  1. Finally managed to track down a Vibraslap (its that percussion instrument that sounds like a bit like a rattle snake – think spaghetti westerns) ready for the recording studio on Monday…

  2. Lindsay Aitkenhead is wonderful. A supremely talented composer and musician and a pleasure to work with her. I am sure your show will be musically diverse and as aurally delicious as her music for Artizani’s the Cabaret of Dr Caligari. Looking foward to seeing Molly Orange’s new work.

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